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I make art and animation online. I like to mostly draw my own OCs and work on their backstories and world building. I hope you like what you see. If not, I accept criticisms.
Also NSFW stuff is here. Be warned.

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ACFan120onNewgrounds's News

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - April 29th, 2015

I made a speed paint video of this piece I had uploaded yesterday, which can be found just below here.



As for other stuff, I'll start with saying that I'm back! Sorta. I haven't posted anything here in years, but I've still been active on Youtube and Tumblr. I'm thinking of posting here again, but only with what I like and enjoy. So no sketches, doodles, or anything like that, nor anymore shit quality games or animations like my older stuff is. Speaking of which, I uploaded a new animation here recently, and it thankfully did pretty well. I was curious how my cute, short animations would do on here, and thankfully it didn't go horribly. It might be a nice change of pace to have my cutesy stuff appear here, maybe.

So yeah, new animations will be going up here monthly, and thankfully because of the video player I see here, I don't have to worry about making preloaders or anything. That was always a pain to do before.

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - November 5th, 2011

It's pretty swell. You should play it. Here's a link:
Drink the Milk

I has a New Game!

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - July 19th, 2011

*Working with AS2*

I'm working on a game where the main game control is pushing any key on the keyboard. I have coding for moving the character when any key is held down, but what I want is for the character to move when the key is pushed, so you have to continue to push keys for the character to move. This is the code I have for just holding the key down (which I got from another site):

keyListener = new Object();
keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {
x = Key.getAscii();

At the moment, this is all I need, though I'll need help later...

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - April 8th, 2011

--| |--
// \\

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - January 21st, 2011

Yep. For those of you who have played my some-what infamous game, Lick the Cow, I have good news! No, it's not a sequel, that's for later. No, this one is about the new T-Shirt design I put on my CafePress shop. You can buy the "Lick the Cow" Logo now! W00T. Yep, and if anyone has any other suggestions for any Lick the Cow designs, just ask and I'll probably put it up!

Lick the Cow T-Shirt

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - December 22nd, 2010

Well, I'm starting over with Newgrounds. I just uploaded a game called "Lick the Cow" that I put a good amount of work into. In fact, more-so than just about any other work I've submitted. I have also submitted a piece of artwork from one of my latest Youtube videos, but no one has seemed to rate it... Oh well. I just hope that my new game gets over a 2 in the rating scale.

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - June 1st, 2009

your probaly some douche bag who's going to write a comment saying "StOp BeInG sUcH a FaG, yOu QuEeR, LOL!!!" well fuck off

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - April 28th, 2009


Another preview of 3 Layers

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - April 16th, 2009

Well Two Layers is done, and now I'm waiting for the music to be done. I have already started to work on Three Layers, and I'm adding a new style for the BG. Here is a Preview of what I have so far.

Three Layers

Posted by ACFan120onNewgrounds - March 28th, 2009

Hello NG! I am currently working on the better sequal of One Layer called "Two Layers". In the first one, I used only one layer, but in this one, I am able to use Two Layers. In this animation, it stars another Hero thats looking for the second star. Like the first one, there is somthing that gets it first and then Turns into a fucked-up monster. This time, though, I'm actually going to try to add a fight sequence. Below is a picture of what I basically have so far. Instead of using the Paint Brush, I used the Line tool for the character's head. I found it helpful, for the details, which you can't see because of the file format I chose. I also used the line tool on the monster (not shown in pic). The style of fighting and setting is inspired from Bitey of Brakenwood. Also, like before, I'll only use one song, but this time, I'll edit it for calm parts.

I can't wait to see it complete! :D

Two Layers