Entry #14

Speed Paint Video plus Other Stuff

2015-04-29 00:18:25 by ACFan120onNewgrounds

I made a speed paint video of this piece I had uploaded yesterday, which can be found just below here.



As for other stuff, I'll start with saying that I'm back! Sorta. I haven't posted anything here in years, but I've still been active on Youtube and Tumblr. I'm thinking of posting here again, but only with what I like and enjoy. So no sketches, doodles, or anything like that, nor anymore shit quality games or animations like my older stuff is. Speaking of which, I uploaded a new animation here recently, and it thankfully did pretty well. I was curious how my cute, short animations would do on here, and thankfully it didn't go horribly. It might be a nice change of pace to have my cutesy stuff appear here, maybe.

So yeah, new animations will be going up here monthly, and thankfully because of the video player I see here, I don't have to worry about making preloaders or anything. That was always a pain to do before.


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